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Do you heard of alladvantage?  Do you know that they pay you if you surf the internet?  If you don't..let me tell you.

Alladvantage is an organisation that earn money by advertising other products/homepage.  Now they will pay you if you look at their advertisement viewbar while surfing.  So... How to get paid... Here is the way

1) Go to and get free email from multinetwork .. (to those who are not American / Canadian)

2) Go to and register .. use the address provided by multinetwork, i.e.

            P.O.Box 781 Folsom, CA 95763-0781 USA
          City: Folsom
          State: CA (California) 
          Post code (zip code): 95763-0781

   This address is for Malaysian, others please use your correspondent address provided by multinetwork

3) Download alladvantage view bar from its homepage (notes: you have to register alladvantage before you can download the viewbar)

4) The final stage is the most important stage.  Registered as multinetwork member.  Put your multinetwork email, multinetwork referral ID (SY134273), your alladvantage ID, and your alladvantage referral ID (TFP871).

Notes: Check your multinetwork email regularly.  This is very important to know your alladvantage status